STC Summit Update

Last night the trade show exhibit opened and today was the first full day of exhibits. It was great seeing old friends and making new ones but WOW were we busy!

As attendees entered the registration was on their left.


Once past the registration windows attendees found the entrance archway to the exhibit hall.

This year we did a full 20 foot by 20 foot booth to hopefully better handle the number of people that wanted to attend our demos and speak with our staff. The booth looked like:








This was definately a much bigger booth than we had last year. How did it work out at containing the crowds?

Well, we tried. ;0)


3 Responses to “STC Summit Update”

  1. forfear Says:

    Congratulations on a brilliant turnout. Pity we can’t attend cool events and meet the key creators of the products here in south east asia. 🙂

  2. Awesome booth.

    I remember my trade show days… sigh… that was nearly eight years ago!!!

  3. STC was a great experience, and Mike’s session on print from Flare was very informative. Thanks!

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