MadCap Software announces MadCap Flare, Version 4!

Most new software releases have two or three major new features with a handful of minor features, but we lost all control with this version of Flare as there are no fewer than 60 new capabilities! Far too much to list here, for a comprehensive list see:

Briefly, some of the Flare V4 high points:

Global Project Assets – Now share all of your images, CSS files, or any other element across many Flare projects.

Collaboration – An industry first! Send any of your topics to any reviewer and they can review and annotate without needing Flare! Also, create templates that staff can use to contribute to your Flare projects without having to have Flare.

Print engine – from good to amazing! Total page layout control including multi-columns per page, automatic text routing between columns, ability to switch between landscape and portrait anywhere in the document, a new Flare authoring mode dedicated to a print-centric experience, direct output to PDF or XPS, and more.

To see Flare in action sign up for a free
web-based demo, or to download the free trial, go to .

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  1. […] long-awaited MadCap Flare V4 is released today! Read about it on Mike Hamilton’s blog. Doc-Guy | September 8, 2008 | permalink Tags: flare, Flare 4, HAT, help authoring tool, MadCap […]

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