MadCap at DocTrain East

Boy, the blog has gotten away from me for a bit. It has been a busy trade show season. In fact, I am typing this post from the DocTrain East show in Burlington, MA. Earlier today I had the honor of presenting two in depth Flare sessions to a great group of folks and several asked about getting copies of my slides. Rather than clogging up email inboxes I though it would be easiest to simply post them here.

 Wednesday pre-conference sessions:

 MadCap Flare – An Introduction to Topic Based Authoring

MadCap Flare – Content Control and Publishing Techniques

Thursday night STC presentation:

Software Simulations and Interactive Tutorials

Saturday post-conference session:

MadCap Flare – Controlling Document Look and Feel with CSS

5 Responses to “MadCap at DocTrain East”

  1. You busy? I can hardly believe that! 🙂 Have a great conference.

  2. Wow! Actual content of the DocTrain presentations offered to the community. Rare high quality slides 🙂 thanks mike

  3. It was awesome! Even though I’ve been using Flare for a couple of months I learned an amazing amount of stuff (including tons of great tips) in a very compressed time. Just sad that I’m going to miss Saturday and hoping that you post those slides as well.

  4. Mike gave a presentation for the STC CT chapter a few years back. I know he’s got a product to hawk, but he does a great job for the community as well. Kudos!

  5. Arun Jain Says:

    One of the best presentations at a conference. It was informative, objective and engaging. Well done Mike.

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