Software Updates Are Here!

New updates were released today for Flare, Analyzer, and X-Edit. Existing customers will be prompted that updates are available the next time they run the applications. If the timing is inconvenient, then go ahead and dismiss the update prompt as you can always do a manual check for updates from the Help menu in the products.

The updates are mostly speed/performance related, or fixes for issues reported by customers. More release data will be posted to our Knowledge Base shortly.

UPDATE: The release notes for Flare 4.1 are here



2 Responses to “Software Updates Are Here!”

  1. Hey Mike,

    I’ve been struggling with how to wrap text around an image. MadCap’s help section only seems to allude that it’s possible by going into the Object Positioning settings. Then — the help file gets a little vague.

    After I insert my picture into the topic, the text surrounding the image is affected. Since the image is located on the right side of the topic and the text is located on the left side of the topic — I’d rather the image and the topic co-exist without the text disruption.

    Do you know of any way this is possible?

    • This is handled via CSS. The particular style attribute you are looking for is called “Float”. For the display you describe (text on the left, image on the right) you want to apply the Float attribute to the image with a value of Right. This can be done locally via a local style applied directly on the image, however a better solution would be to create a new image style called img.FloatRight or some such that can then be applied to as many images as you need.

      I hope that this helps,

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