Microsoft Chooses MadCap Flare

Boy, the title says it all!

While I am always pleased when we add new customers, publish new case studies, and win awards, when a name like Microsoft is involved I have to admit to grinning ear to ear. The Microsoft Health Solutions Group has been using Flare and are so happy with it that they agreed to publish a case study with us.

Now, case studies are nothing new (we have many of them available) so what makes this one so different? Any time we can partner with Microsoft it is a cause for celebration.


2 Responses to “Microsoft Chooses MadCap Flare”

  1. Don’t tell RamonS – he’ll be thinking conspiracy theory!

  2. Congratulations! Its good to know we’re in good company.

    Am sure they probably did a detailed feature study, pilot, ROI analysis before they standardized Flare for a big project like that. It sounds like the project’s output is probably a lot more customized than a standard ‘off the shelf’ delivery with Flare, what with the SDK linked update going on.

    Kudos. Good work gets recognized.

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