The Blog is Moving!

This blog has had a pretty good run, but for various reasons it is being moved off of the WordPress servers and onto the MadCap Software servers. The new home for the blog is .

There are multiple reasons for this.

First, I have always struggled with the limitations of the WordPress hosting preventing me from including MadCap Mimic demos/tutorials/recordings. By moving to our own servers I will now be able to include much more dynamic content.

Second, with my travel schedule being heavy March through May, and then also heavy September through November, this blog was a bit sporadic with heavy posting at times and then little activity while I was on the road. Moving to the MadCap servers will enable me to include guest posters from R&D, Tech Support, etc. to keep the information coming when I am unavailable.

Finally, being under a common MadCap software address ( ) it will be much easer for people to find.

In any case, the blog is not dead, or gone, or anything else, it has simply moved to a better home. Please join me at the new location (don’t forget to update your bookmarks/links) for the latest MadCap Software information.


Mike Hamilton
MadCap Software


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